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 Extinctions Mod Application

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PostSubject: Extinctions Mod Application   Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:06 pm

Hello My name is Extinction and here is my mod application for brokenPKScape.


1.My ingame user is: Extinction name in real life is: David

3.I live in Wichita, Kansas

4.My timezone is Central time

5.Today is my first day but i have many mod and admin experiences. If you would like to know when and where i will tell u if requested.

6.I am Trustworthy I am a online gamer and run a clan of over 500 people with 5 servers.

7.I am active alot ill post atleast 5-8 times a day on the forums if needed.

8. What i would do if i was a mod is Help keep Adverters out, Warn players of swearing, Help newcomers, and advert for brokenpkscape.

9.The person i am ingame Is Very hardworking and I love to try new things every day. Im good at merching talking to players and giving them helpfull tips, I also do not flame bait ingame.

10.I want to be a broken pk scape staff because the server of all is great. I would love to be a mod for you guys i do have experience as I said and I would help the staff team whenever needed.

11.The experience I have I used to be a moderator for Delta Scape, And crisis x. Until the owners wanted new staff so I got laid off.

12.The reason you guy's Should choose me is because I can help in coding for the server at any time. I also help new players Experienced players I will not give items out unless their bought from me and if their rares ill speak to the owners, Ill obey all rules, Take all consequences thrown at me, and Help brokenpkscape stay alive I also will donate in the near future. Smile

13.I would benifit the server because #1 I will donate monthly to help the server stay up and i would advert people into the server. I also have coding experience so if ever needed I could help.

14.Well im 17 junior in high school Im a nice person in life I take java coding classes outside of school that go along with computer programing classes in school, and im fun to be around.

15.My favorite rule is No swearing because then the server is not full of flame baiters.

16.Well honestly I do all 7 on certain day's If i remember to Im not gonna lie sometimes i forget.

I hope You like my mod application,

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Extinctions Mod Application
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