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 [u][i][b]Teastain`s Mod App [/b][/i][/u]

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PostSubject: [u][i][b]Teastain`s Mod App [/b][/i][/u]   Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:31 am

Not Long
Very Trustworthy
Will Be Active Everyday
I Would Not Abuse Powers And Would Help Out New Users Because That What I Like Doing Very Happy
I Am A Helpfull Person
I Want To Be Staff So I Can Help Out New Players And Improve The Server
I Have Alot Of Experience About Being Staff On These Servers,But Most Of Them Are Now Dead (The Servers I Mean! Laughing)
I Think You Should Choose Me To Be Staff Because I Am Very Trustworthy,Would Help Out New Players,Help Improve The Server In Anyway I Can And Just Help Out Overall
I Think I Would Benefit The Server Because I Am Trustworthy And I Like Helping People Out
I Like Motorbikes,Quads And Things Like That (I Am A Petrol Head! cheers)
My Favourite Rule Is Trust Because Its Just An Important Rule In Gaming And Life
I Do Not Vote Everyday Neutral But I Will Do Razz

I Hope You Enjoy My App And I Hope To See You All Around sunny
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PostSubject: Declined   Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:12 am

Sorry but maybe next time you'll get accepted. I just didn't think you provided me with a proficient amount of information. Maybe next time you'll get.
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[u][i][b]Teastain`s Mod App [/b][/i][/u]
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