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the end12
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PostSubject: The End12   Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:11 pm

.In-game User: The End12

2.Whats your name in real?: Gary Marlow

3.Where do you live?: North Carolina

4.What is your timezone?:GMT

5.How Long Have You Been Playing?:i have been playing private servers for about 3 years. im just asking for a mod spot cause i think i will play this server alot.and from what ive seen sofar i love it it doesnt lagg upp or anything of that sort.

6.Am I Trustworthy?:you can wait and see. but i am very trust worthy. and im very easy to get along with.

7.How Long Are You Active?:i am on alot. when ever im on a computer lol. i will be on as much as i can be. or have to be

8.What Would You Do?:help people like i usually do and just skill and kill NPC's what i would do if i was a mod. and do fourms and try to make this server as best as it can be.

9.What Kind Of Person Are You In-Game?:helpfull. and i just skill and get my level up and try to make money to get better ingame. and help all players that need help.

10.Why Do You Want To Be in BrokenPKScape staff?: i like this server and it seems nice and i know i would be a great mod and help lots of people.

11.What kind of experience do you have?:i have played for 3 years on all kinds of servers and i have learned alot from it. i know alot about alot of servers.

12.Why should we choose you? At least two Sentences?:honestly i dont know you so i dont know why you would choose me. im a complete stranger. but its worth a try i wont be mad if i dont get a mod spot.i like this server and i hope to play it for a great time period lol mod or not mod.but i will stay positive =D

13.How would you benefit the server?: Explain. Two Sentence Minimum:i would be a big help ingame. and i love posting forums and i can help come up with new item ideas and stuff.

14.Some additional info about yourself?:im white,i live in amercia, i love runescape and i have a rs acount but i dont use it anymore. and i love canada im a great player and dont get mad easly. i dont like rude people or peiople who brag alot and are full of them selves.

15.State your favorite rule and why?:honestly, i hate poeple who run thier mouth and are rude and try to degrade you. i think they mess up great favorite rule is.. well i have alot of them.. dont overun ur mouth. dont be rude. lol but those r the main

16.Be honest on this question please do you vote on all 7 sites everyday or do you only remember when I tell you?umm i dont vote unless i actually like the site after 3 or 4 datys. if i like the site ill vote. if not o well. but i do vote for servers every 24 hours if i like them

i fell special lol i hope u like and if theres anything else u need to ask me pm me on the server or email me. thats all i have to say. thanks for reading.
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The End12
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