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 z0r4nger mod app :)

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PostSubject: z0r4nger mod app :)    Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:48 pm

1.In-game User:z0r4nger

2.Whats your name in real?:Hakeem

3.Where do you live?:Canada

4.What is your timezone?:Eastern

5.How Long Have You Been Playing?:2 Weeks and a half

6.Am I Trustworthy?: im sure i am , are you?

7.How Long Are You Active?:5 to 7 hours a day

8.What Would You Do?:help th server to be the best help the new comers and try the best i can to be the best mod ever! Very Happy

9.What Kind Of Person Are You In-Game?:helpfull and generous

10.Why Do You Want To Be in BrokenPKScape staff?: i wantto make the ppl that break the rules pay.. and have some respect

11.What kind of experience do you have?:i have been mod in digital pkz and rs4ever and i played runescape during 7 years

12.Why should we choose you? At least two Sentences?:cause im sure im gonna help you guys , help the server and help ppl

13.How would you benefit the server?: Explain. Two Sentence Minimum:i would make more ppl come ,make vids and vote all days 7 on 7

14.Some additional info about yourself?:im tipping fast XD and im very not sleepy..

15.State your favorite rule and why?:1 itemming cuz they always keep items and its for faggs

16.Be honest on this question please do you vote on all 7 sites everyday or do you only remember when I tell you?:well uhmm when im on the forum and i see vote here! ... i go vote but im not like going on forum for that but if it will help the server no problem i will do it now!

Thanks for reading Cool -z0r4nger- Smile
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z0r4nger mod app :)
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