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 i would love to be a staff member!

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PostSubject: i would love to be a staff member!   Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:12 pm

1.In-game User: veng0wns

2.Whats your name in real?: nick

3.Where do you live?: florida

4.What is your timezone?: eastern

5.How Long Have You Been Playing?: about 4 days

6.Am I Trustworthy?: i am super trustworthy

7.How Long Are You Active?: about 5hrs a day if not more

8.What Would You Do?: help ppl wen they nned, answer any questions ingame and on fourms, and tell ppl to join. i got about 5 ppl to join today! ask bashar he knows!

9.What Kind Of Person Are You In-Game?: nice, helpful, trustworthy

10.Why Do You Want To Be in BrokenPKScape staff?: cuz i like the game its fun

11.What kind of experience do you have?: i have played real runescape for about 5 years, i had my own rsps and ive played about 6 diffrent rsps, i was a admin/mod on 4 of them

12.Why should we choose you? At least two Sentences?: i am trustworty i will help people and play about 5hrs a day give or take

13.How would you benefit the server?: Explain. Two Sentence Minimum: i would stop scammers help in fourms and any1 online

14.Some additional info about yourself?: im 16 years old beast on computers and i play xbox 360 too.

15.State your favorite rule and why?: no scamming/duping it destroys the community

You can trust me with anything u want, ppl will always have help from me becuz i play all the time, and most of the time there are no other staff on to help the new players.
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i kill
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PostSubject: i would accept   Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:25 pm

this guy veng0wns helped me when i first started. he advertised on a diffrent server got me to come to this game and then told me all the beginingthings like: ::pure, thieve for my money, drink restore pot be4 i heal and much much more. he even told me to vote on the site in which i could find them on this website. Veng0wns is very helpful and u should make him a admin or even co-owner. he is very helpful.
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i would love to be a staff member!
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